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Lori offers a truly unique makeup experience that centers around the art of skin preparation. For Lori, skincare isn’t just a step in the process – it’s a fundamental cornerstone of her makeup artistry. With an unwavering commitment to her craft, Lori ensures that her brides become an integral part of a luxurious journey, marked by meticulous attention to detail. From her comprehensive makeup forms that leave no aspect unexplored to her dedication in understanding each bride’s vision for their perfect wedding look, Lori’s approach is really remarkable.

But Lori’s approach goes beyond the makeup chair – she extends a warm invitation to her potential brides for an informal consultation, a delightful opportunity to connect over a cup of their favorite brew. This gracious gesture reflects Lori’s belief in fostering personal connections and her dedication to establishing rapport before any financial commitments are considered. Face-to-face communication is more than a preference; it’s a core value that Lori holds dear.

As a makeup artist with almost a decade of experience, Lori knows that makeup is deeply personal, with its impact varying across diverse skin types, tones, and ethnicities. She carries a profound appreciation for the diverse needs of her clients, understanding that a single makeup look cannot fit all. What truly brings Lori joy is dispelling any hesitations her clients may have, replacing uncertainty with a sense of excitement and newfound confidence.

Lori’s proficiency and adaptability shine through in her skills, and her primary focus is always to listen intently before offering her expert guidance. With Lori, it’s not just about applying makeup; it’s about creating a harmonious blend of artistry and individuality, where each client’s unique beauty is celebrated and enhanced.

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